Awards & Honors

Matu Ram Art Center is now globally recognized for their marvelous work in the field of towering structures and various arts and crafts Globally .

Some of the Many Awards we got in India and Abroad are:


  1. Awarded by Syt. B.K. Birla and Dr. smt. Sarla Birla Silver Citation – January 17, 2009.
  2. Golden Sword for the architectural excellence at 15, Punjab Regiment by Chief Minister of Punjab on 23rd March 2006.
  3. Awarded by 14th Mec. Div. of Indian Army, Chief Minister of Punjab on 15th January 2006.
  4. Spiritual Award by Shri Parmookh Swami Maharaj of Swami Narayan Samprday (Akshardham) on 12th March 2002.
  5. District Honor by Govt. Administration on 26th Jan 2006.
    Awarded by Chief Minister of Haryana in 2006.


  1. Awarded by prime minister of Republic of Mauritius Dr. Naveen Chandra Ramghulam, Feb 29, 2008

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