72 Ft. Lord Ganesha

The statue measures 54 ft in height, squatting on a 18 ft high platform, rising in all its graciousness to an imposing height of 72. The idol is Made in reinforced concrete with copper coating, the dream project of Basant Kumar Birla and Sarala Birla was inaugurated on 17th January 2009.

A dream project of Sh. B.K. Birla and Smt. Sarala Birla. The beautifully sculpted idol of Ganesha, measuring 54 ft stands towering on a hillock astride the Pune-Mumbai express and NH-4. Designed by the famous sculptor Sri Matu Ram Verma and his son, Naresh Kumar Verma. It took 3 years of relentless hard work to make this reinforced concrete idol which is covered with a copper coating.